The 22 Foundation was established as a fundraising site to benefit Sean Doherty after his accident that left him paralysed. The accident took place on the 20th of September of 2015 in a motorcycle accident. On the 23rd of November 2015 we launched a fundraising campaign asking for donations to allow us to secure a customised TR Trackstander Track Chair for Sean. The Track Chair would be special ordered for Sean’s needs. The TR Trackstander came at a cost of $ 18,600 USD. We knew that we were asking for a lot of money to be donated and specially at Christmas time which we knew it was even harder. We were overwhelmed with the acts of kindness from his family, friends and even people who didn’t know him who donated to his cause and by the 6th of December 2015 we were able to pre order his TR Trackstander. By the 8th of December 2015 the chair was fully funded. Incredibly we received the TR Trackstander on the 24th of December just in time for Christmas and it was amazing that all of you who spread the word and donated to his cause made it possible for this incredible gift. We thank you all who made this possible.

Picture It supports the 22 Foundation for the benefit of Sean Doherty


We are still taking donations as we still have fundraiser ongoing and all money that is still to come in will be handed over to Sean, LouLou and Jordan. We are still helping with funds for many things that Sean needs to be able to come home. The money will go towards things like Step Lift for the house and Sean’s Car which needs to be for wheelchair access. If you would like to help please visit The 22 Foundation website for more details