Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers

Only a few companies can proudly look back on such a long, uninterrupted tradition. Founded in 1584 we are the oldest German papermakers manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists as well as industrial papers.

Picture It is proud to have Hahnemühle fine art papers as our preferred fine art paper stock.

Since the founding of the company more than 400 years ago a forward-looking attitude has formed the basis for continuous growth and the innovative strength of the company. Close cooperation with national and international partners enables speedy transformation of research results into new products. These are successfully marketed via a global distributor network.


Hahnemühle produces papers with passion and focus on quality instead of quantity. With an annual production of some 3,000 tons they are a manufactory rather than a factory.  The best raw materials, craftsmanship skills, a lot of handicraft and a co-operative relationship with their customers make for the excellent and internationally acclaimed quality of their products.

For centuries now, papers characterised by the ‘Rooster’ have been used by artists or as reliable media for technical applications. Their innovation power resulted in the invention of the ‘FineArt Inkjet Papers’. Hahnemühle is the pioneer in this area and remains the world leading provider of fine-art inkjet papers.

Painters, graphic artists and designers, illustrators, printers, photographers advertising experts, archivists, bookbinders, art students, scientists, engineers and lab assistants – they all use papers and cardboards by Hahnemühle. For each of them, paper is a natural working appliance that has to meet high standards for different reasons. With Hahnemühle papers, their customers emphasize the features when it comes to art and fine-art printing and the safe and reliable results in the technical area.

The result of their tradition and quality conscious work delights the Hahnemühle fine art papers fans worldwide, no matter if they are dealing creatively with their artist papers or using technical speciality papers for complex research and industry applications.

Paper Quality Parameters – Digital FineArt

A set of quality criteria is employed to assess the relatively recent category of Fine Art Printings on paper from their Digital FineArt collection. The importance of the respective criteria depends on application. In the case of artistic reproductions, the most important criteria are surface structure, colour gamut (surface, the intensity of colours), density and feel. In the photographic section, importance is placed on the Dmax value (detail resolution in dark areas), high degree of white and opacity.

In general, the most important features are ink limit, colour gamut, density and resistance to ageing. All types of paper produced by Hahnemühle in the Digital FineArt collection meet the highest quality standards, and enjoy world-wide renown.