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A comprehensive range of mouldings to create bespoke framing solutions

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Creating the perfect framed solution has never been easier. Complete bespoke product combinations.

The Picture It Touch

When you’ve created a frame, leave the professionals to the task of finishing the whole product. Little added extras make the difference.


We use Epson HDR printers with selected media. Alternatively, submit your own media ready to frame.


There are several options available. From acrylic for exhibitions and public display to anti-reflective art glass for that really special project.


All Prints are securely placed to the mounting board. The back is then secured and made ready to hang.


A high quality white presentation box exudes an exclusive feel.


Premium Collection

A comprehensive range of wood based mouldings to create bespoke solutions. Our Premium range are Art Nouveau, Brecon, Dune Eden, Ember, Haze, Linea, Loft, Madrid, Maine, Mode, Shades, Urban & Vermont collections.

Designer Collection

A Number of ranges incorporating vibrant colour, cool aluminium and cutting edge shapes. Less profile options but a wide range of tints to suit any content. Our Designer range are Confetti, Sail & Tek collections.

Essentials Collection

A collection of frames manufactured in a composite material. Because they are not wood based, they deliver good looking frames at a very competitive price. Our Essentials range are Flat, Two-Tone & Packs.

Art Nouveau and Brecon Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Art Nouveau and Brecon Range

Dune and Eden Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Dune and Eden Range

Ember and Haze Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Ember and Haze Range

Linea and Loft Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Linea and Loft Range

Madrid and Maine Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Madrid and Maine Range

Mode and Shades Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Mode and Shades Range

Urban and Vermont Premium Collection

Premium Collection – Urban and Vermont Range


Designer Collection

The Designer range moves away from a moulding family concept. In these ranges, single profiles in myriad colours are presented. Confetti and Sail are both wood based mouldings whilst Tek is Aluminium with a twist. Available in bespoke sizes and with all the options of the Premium frame ranges, they offer something a little different.

Confetti, Sail and Tek Designer Collection

Designer Collection – Confetti, Sail and Tek Ranges

Tek Installation – Images are framed in your choice of coloyr

Essentials Collection

Essentials is a collection of frames manufactured in a composite material. Because they are not wood based, they deliver good looking frames at a very competitive price. Still in bespoke sizes and with all the options of the Premium frame ranges, they offer superb value for money.

Two Tone and Flat Essentials Collection

Essentials Collection – Two Tone and Flat Range

Mounts Collections 

Select from a large range of Mount Combinations, Colours and accent layers and V grooves. Any combination can have an accent layer or V grooves. An Accent layer is a contrasting colour mount layer that is positioned immediately under the topmost layer. V grooves are scored into the mount board surface for added interest.

Mount Combinations, Mount Colours, Accent layers and V groves

Mount Combinations, Mount Colours, Accent Layers and V grooves

Mount Combinations, Mount Colours, Accent layers and V groves

Mount layouts

We have a large combination of Mount layouts. if you can’t find a Mount layout for your needs, we have software that enables you to design your own mount layout.

Mount layouts

More Framing and Mounting Collections

We have a lot more Bespoke framing and mounting solutions and Ready Made frames in our high street shops.

3D Tile

3D Tile has evolved from our popular acrylic range. A more cost-effective proposition yet equally attractive.

The tile overlap to hide the supporting mechanism. The tiles are not interchangeable. Each tile is lightweight 3mm PVC foam board. The tiles can be finished with either Satin or Gloss laminate.

The product can be easily hung and is available in the five layouts below. All sizes shown in inches.

3D Tiles



The folio has fast become a popular way to create desktop displays. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, opt for a two or three image display. Multiple print finishes available with a choice of mount colour. A stylish gift. Available in a number of sizes.

  • Diptych
  • Triptych
  • 6×6
  • 9×9
  • For use with 0.7mm or 1.4mm mounts

Mounted box

Mounted Print Box

The mounted print box provides an elegant way to present and store images. The box is available in two stylish fabrics with an integral ribbon and a magnetic closure. Multiple print finishes available with a choice of mount colour. Understated and beautiful. Available in a number of sizes.

  • 9×7
  • 9×9
  • 12×9
  • Maximum content 15 in 0.7mm mounts
  • Maximum content 10 in 1.4mm mounts
  • Box debasing available

Fine art box

Fine art print box

The fine art print box looks just like the mounted print box until you lift the lid. This box contains a number of multi-layered, décoliage fine art prints. These have been hand finished and applied to a presentation backing for added impact. Very special. Available in a number of sizes.

  • 9×7
  • 9×9
  • 12×9
  • Maximum content 12 in 0.7mm mounts
  • Box debossing available.

Mounted prints

Mounted prints

You don’t always need a frame. A mounted print can look exceptional if it is presented well. Mounts cut to any size, images printed to any size and supplied with a choice of backing for a neat finish. Foil embossing and computerised signatures can be applied.

Box Frame and Matrix Collection

Box Frame – Prints are laminated onto 3mm PVC Foam Board at any size up to 48×36 (in). The laminated print is then placed into a linear moulding. There is a range of composite mouldings that are ideal as a cost effective yet attractive solution.

  • 50mm frame depth
  • Satin or gloss lamination
  • Pearlescent prints available
  • Acrylic finish available

Matrix Frame – Matrix is a new approach to the widely available box frame. The frame is constructed from an adaptation of the Sail framing range. When the moulding is turned, it delivers a gentle curve away from the subject matter. The image is bonded to acrylic and fitted from the front.

Box Frame and Matrix Range

Box Frame Installation – Images are laminated and framed in a range of mouldings standing 30mm deep.

Blocks, Canvas Wrap and Edge Collection

Blocks – The blocks are made of MDF and can be ordered at any size from 11×11 up to 48×36. Prints are laminated directly onto the blocks which can then be finished in a choice of appearances to suit budget and taste.

Canvas Wraps– A canvas wrap offers a display option with warmth. Utilising a poly cotton blend material softens the image whilst bringing it to life. Available as a full image wrap or with coloured edge, the depth of the canvas is also optional.

Edge – Minimalist products are in vogue. For some, whilst the sharp look is important, it can appear a little stark. This is when an Edge solution is useful. Edge is available in two styles. The satin finish delivers a classical style of frame with a wide reveal surrounding the image. The heavily grained option delivers a more contemporary presentation, fitting more closely to the image. Available with either Canvas Wrap or Block inner.

Blocks, Canvas Wraps and Edge Alternative Range

Versa_tile Acrylic Collection

Versa_tile – Introducing the revolutionary magnetic bonded acrylic system.

  • Mounts
  • Frames
  • Clusters
  • Solos
  • Desktops

Solos – Versa_tile solo mechanism enables smaller single image panels to independently placed. A single spacer, with embedded magnets and wall fixings, is used to attach the image panel anywhere.

Desktops – Versa_tile desktop is an acrylic display panel that is self supporting and ideal for desktop displays.

3D Clusters – Versa_tile clusters give height as well as width to a display. Using wall brackets and a series of strategically positioned spacers, the bonded image tiles overlap to cleverly hide the supporting mechanism. The bracket can be fixed to any orientation and the display can be continually expanded by adding more units. Available in three sizes, this display option continues to grow in popularity.

Versa_tile Solos, Desktop and 3D Clusters

Wouldn’t it be great to change the image in a frame without having to open the back?

Mounted – The Versa_tile mount is an acrylic panel embedded with magnets. Available in 9 sizes with linear magnetic positions to align with magnetic image tiles.

Framed – For those a little wary of acrylic presentation, the framed Versa_tile is a happy medium. A truly simple innovation that could make a huge difference to retail opportunities. Select a suitable frame from the collections. The example below is a framed in Two-Tone from the Essentials collection.

Ice – A stunning contemporary acrylic panel. The look is created with an image bonded directly behind acrylic and an aluminium support frame which acts as a means to sit the product on the wall. Neither visible fixings nor shabby fittings detract from the sleek styling. It is attractive, minimalist and available in bespoke sizes to fit any image and any location in the home or office. Choose satin or pearlescent paper to produce the perfect product.

Versa_tile Mounted, Framed and Ice

Further Collections – High Street Store

We have other bespoke competitive price collections in our High Street Store and a wide collection of ready made Hampton frames for you to choose from.

Further Bespoke Frame Collections and Ready made frames by Hampton Frames


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